Introducing Arc Essentials

Chris Pyke
Published on
Thursday, May 14, 2020


Arc is a global platform to measure and score the real world performance of spaces, buildings and places. Arc Essentials provides tools to understand markets, improve scores and communicate performance. These capabilities build upon the foundation of Arc for All, which gives anyone the capabilities to create projects, add data, and generate scores. With Arc Essentials, users can now customize, model and compare their data to plan for leadership and achieve higher levels of LEED certification. Performance is the future of green buildings, and Arc Essentials helps you reach that future faster.

What can users do with Arc Essentials? 

Arc Essentials offers a suite of new tools to help you achieve your goals more efficiently:

Analyze markets across the United States. Arc Essentials users can explore energy, water and waste design goals for LEED for New Construction Projects across the U.S., review progress toward zero net energy operations and compare the achievement rates of green building strategies. With this information, users can create reports to inform their own project design and green building policy development. This tool will be available for global markets later in 2020. 

Model and compare new projects. Arc Essentials gives users new ways to analyze potential combinations of green building strategies and compare models to other projects. This can help project teams develop new projects that will meet and beat prevailing green building practice in a property type and location. 

Model Arc Performance Scores for spaces and buildings. Arc Performance Scores combine five categories and more than a dozen measured metrics. Now, project teams are provided the tools to explore interactions between these factors and develop specific plans to improve scores over time. 

Create and customize project performance reports. Arc Essentials users can create detailed project reports with information on data coverage, scores, key performance metrics and LEED “readiness”. Reports can be customized with your organization’s logos or photos and downloaded as print-quality PDFs.  


[Coming in 2020] Create and customize portfolio performance reports. Later this year, Arc users will be able to generate detailed, customizable reports for whole portfolios similar to the new project performance reports. 




How is Arc Essentials being used?

These tools are already being used to solve practical problems for projects around the world:

Plan for leadership: Skanska USA uses the Insight tool within Arc Essentials to inform project development. They analyze sustainability practices in the region around a new project, including evaluating the achievement rate for specific LEED credits and examining property type-specific design goals for energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction goals. This helps Skanska project teams design projects that meet and beat the market. Learn more. 

Achieve higher levels of LEED certification: Vasakronan uses Arc as a tool for portfolio-wide performance measurement and a gateway to LEED certification. Vasakronan sends high-quality, asset-level performance data to Arc from its enterprise data warehouse, and Arc uses this information to generate scores and assess LEED readiness. This provides a streamlined way for Vasakronan to demonstrate leadership and maintain its industry-leading GRESB rating. Learn more. 

What does Arc Essentials cost?

Arc Essentials is available as an annual subscription which can be paid asr $85 per month per user or $850 per year per user. This provides users with the flexibility to pay monthly or a discount for a once-per-year payment. Users can subscribe for themselves or manage subscriptions for a team. 

Table 1. What’s the difference between Arc for All and Arc Essentials tools?

Arc for All

Arc Essentials

  • Create a project

  • Add data

  • Connect to partners

  • Score your project

  • Receive performance updates

  • Analyze LEED Readiness

Everything in Arc for All

  • Analyze U.S. markets

  • Model and compare design goals and strategies for new construction projects

  • Model the impact of metric changes for the Arc Performance Score

  • Create and customize project performance reports 

  • Download charts, metrics and reports


Coming soon

  • Global market analysis

  • Analyze and report on portfolio performance




* Annual subscription required


How do users start Arc Essentials?

Arc Essentials is a subscription, and it is easy to sign up and get access:

  1. Login in

  2. Click the Upgrade to Essentials button on the top bar

  3. Select monthly or annual billing and go!

That’s it! 

After subscribing, Arc Essentials tools for every space or building will be added to your account. They can explore capabilities only available to Arc Essentials subscribers, including:

  • The Insight tool -- analyze markets to inform the design projects and policies.

  • The Modeling tab (available for Projects) -- analyze relationships between metrics and the Arc Performance Score.

  • The Reports tab (available for Projects) -- create and customize detailed project performance reports.

  • The report library (available in the user account) -- bringing together Insight reports, project performance reports and certificates. 

Note that Arc Essential tools are not available for cities, communities and other project types.  

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