Arc Supports GRESB - Update for 2021 Reporting

Chris Pyke
Published on
Wednesday, September 2, 2020

GRESB is the global benchmark for the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of real asset companies and funds. Many partners help GRESB participants organize and submit data. Arc works on the other side of the GRESB process; helping portfolio managers do more with asset data and achieve higher GRESB scores.

Getting Started

Arc provides several pathways for GRESB participants to upload or link GRESB Asset data:

  1. Arc can upload a 2020 GRESB Asset Spreadsheet. Arc users can find this tool in the Portfolio section. It is available to all Arc users. Uploading a GRESB Asset Spreadsheet translates the GRESB structure into Arc and provides estimated Arc Performance Scores for energy, water, and waste. These are accompanied by an indication of the number of assumptions made during this conversion (e.g., estimates of occupancy, schedule, etc.). Arc users can add data or edit parameters to generate full Arc Performance Scores and, for Arc Essentials users, create LEED Readiness assessments as part of project and portfolio reports.  
  2. Arc users can connect projects via a partner. Arc maintains data connections with a growing ecosystem of organizations that collect and manage asset data for GRESB submission, including arbnco, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, Energy Watch, Meaurabl, Schneider Electric, and QLEAR. Data managed by any of these partners can be connected to Arc. More information about how to activate each connection is found in the Apps section after signing in to Arc.
  3. Arc users can upload multiple projects via spreadsheet. Arc has a custom Microsoft Excel workbook to load multiple projects. This spreadsheet can be used to organize and load any number of projects. It allows for the bulk entry of any required Arc field, an advantage over the GRESB spreadsheet. The workbook is available upon request from The Arc team will advise users on the use of the workbook, and Arc will load the data. Arc may charge a setup fee to support large or complex portfolios.    

Improving GRESB Scores

Linking or loading projects is a starting point to understand sustainability performance and, in turn, earn higher GRESB scores. Arc provides are least three specific opportunities for improvement, including building certification, energy ratings, and occupant surveys:

  1. Building Certification. Arc powers LEED certification for existing spaces and whole buildings. LEED certifications earn GRESB points for indicator BC 1.2. Arc provides GRESB participants with either an estimated or full Performance Score. This provides information to understand performance relative to LEED requirements. Arc Performance Scores are available to all Arc users. Arc Essentials subscribers can create, download, and share LEED Readiness analyses, available in both project and portfolio reports.
  2. Energy Ratings. Arc can generate Performance Certificates. Energy ratings receive recognition for GRESB indicator BC 2. Performance Certificates provide Arc Performance Scores and key performance indicators for specified time periods. Performance Certificates are available by subscription or in bundles for portfolio users. 
  3. Occupant surveys. Occupant surveys are an integral part of the Human Experience performance category. Arc surveys can earn GRESB points in several Stakeholder Engagement indicators, including SE 2.1, SE 3.1, SE 3.2, SE 8.1, and SE 8.2. These surveys are available to all Arc users. If needed, survey responses can be exported and submitted as documentation by generating a report from the “gear” at the top of the Meters & Surveys menu. 

Summary of Arc support for 2021 GRESB indicators

2021 GRESB Indicators

Arc Solution


Operational building certifications BC 1.2

LEED O+M certification

LEED Recertification


No documentation required; reported as a percentage of floor area covered

Energy Ratings BC 2

Arc Performance Certificates

No documentation required; reported as a percentage of floor area covered

Employee Satisfaction Survey SE 2.1


Employee Health & Well-being Survey SE 3.1 and SE 3.2 


Tenant Satisfaction Survey SE 8.1


Tenant Health & Well-being Survey SE 8.2

Human Experience →  occupant satisfaction survey

GRESB requires confirmation that the survey was conducted, “The evidence must indicate that the survey was conducted and whether it was undertaken internally or by an independent third party. It can be a sample survey or survey results reports with aggregated feedback. The evidence must indicate that the survey was administered within the last 3 years.” This can be found in the Human Experience section of a project report or Performance dashboard

* More information about evidence-based GRESB indicators is available in the 2020 Real Estate Reference Guide - Appendix 2a Validation.

Bulk Pricing & Support for GRESB Participants

Arc provides technical support and bulk pricing to make it easier to create Performance Certificates and improve GRESB scores. Bulk pricing can be below $50 per project for GRESB entities with at least 25 assets. Contact the Arc team for more information and a proposal for a specific entity.